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Exclusive Business Deals

In ensuring that your combi business does not come to a stop Praise Petroleum will be delivering diesel to BJP Chiremba road exclusively for Kombi operators. Each Kombi will be served 30 Litres of diesel per day.


Our Values

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    Doing things right at the right time.

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    Creating a conducive working environment that fosters a oneness of purpose.

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    Moral principles that transcend beyond professionalism.

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    Teaming with appropriate partners in order to accomplish our mission.

Our Services & Milestones

The company is involved in the importation, distribution and retail of petroleum products across Zimbabwe. By January, 2008 the company was rated within the top five fuel companies in Zimbabwe (by volume) according to the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe (NOCZIM) statistics

Our capacity

We have the capacity to move 30 million litres of fuel per month in the Zimbabwean market

International Trade

The company is involved in facilitating international fuel trades namely Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO), JP54, Gasoil etc


Fuel Importation

We are involved in the importation of petroleum products

Fuel Distribution

We are involved in the distribution and retail of petroleum products across Zimbabwe

We deal in energy products

Our Products

Diesel 50

Praise Petroleum markets Diesel 50, premium grade low sulphur diesel fuel for use in high speed automotive diesel engines.

Unleaded 93

This is a premium grade petrol with Ron 93 recommended for use in high compression and knock sensored vehicles.

E20 Unleaded

This fuel comprises 20% Ethanol and 80% Unleaded petrol. This product is environmentally friendly and promotes clean combustion.


A chief ingredient in making fuel for jet aircraft engines, farming equipment and machinery.

Liquid Petroleum Gas

This LPG is used by industry and households for heating and lighting.

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